Holiday Drabble Winners!

January 04, 2018


Twisted Trail

Down the twisted trail, making tracks through the snow, once they start how far with they go? The faster they scamper in the frost filled breeze, the more powder falls from high up in the trees. Where are they headed, I truly must know, how far will they travel in the land filled with snow?  Will they stop , and if so, where with they lie in the moon's brightened glow? They soundlessly travel throughout the night, and over the hills they bound as if taking flight. Their secret unknown, their grace undenied, but only for seconds you see them, no lie.

Emalee Myus

Grade 6


Xander's Drabble Writing


Chunk! The knife sliced through the turkey, muscles and fat splitting at its serrated blade. Uncle Jack cut into the bird again, evenly slicing the meat for each family member. Auntie Madriel spooned out cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes.

"Listen up everyone," called out Uncle Jack. "I have an announcement. Through the years we have done this joint family Thanksgiving feast and I have gotten to know all of you very well. But honestly, I hate you all. Even my wife and kids."

He brandished a knife. Chunk! The knife sliced through the flesh, only bones staying its bloody path.


Xander White

Grade 8

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